Partial (Hybrid) Dictation

Partial (hybrid) dictation refers to use of a system outside Connect Care to capture, transcribe and edit dictated material which is then inserted into a documentation object (e.g., note, letter) within the clinical information system. The key is that the dictated text is not "attached" to the charge (Media Manager) but is inserted within a documentation workflow.

There are two ways for this to occur, through:

    1. the AHS provincial "eScription" service, or

    2. an independent dictation service.

eScription is familiar to physicians adopting Connect Care, as they have used it for preparing discharge summaries, operative reports and consultations that appear in the provincial electronic health record (Netcare). Although the preferred Connect Care workflow is in-system dictation with Dragon Medical One, it remains possible to use eScription by following a workflow that specifies where the transcribed material is to go.

Physicians who are familiar with eScription may continue to use it while transitioning to in-system dictation. eScription can be used for generating large blocks of text, such as a full consultation note. It is very important to do this using a precise workflow that allows the dictated material to get to the right spot.

eScription Workflows