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As more sites and departments across the province become live on Connect Care, more Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) will need to prepare for working at a Connect Care site. This section provides links to useful information for MOAs on topics such as getting Connect Care access, essential workflows, and other key resources.

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Connect Care Training

The resource and support guide that is part of MOA training is linked below.

Accessing Connect Care From Your Own Computer

Connect Care is located on secure servers within the AHS network. The same rigorous security structures used to secure access to the patient care version of Connect Care are applied to the training version.

To access these servers, you will have to be provided with Remote User Network Access (RUNA). This access allows individuals to authenticate the AHS network from their own computer located outside of an AHS facility.

This access is sometimes referred to as RSA, RUNA, SecurID, or Remote Access; these terms are interchangeable and all relate to the ability to access Connect Care, and related applications, when located outside of AHS.

How Remote Access Works

Remote access is how AHS ensures that only authorized users can access Connect Care. This is done by requiring you to provide a unique code number when logging in. This code comes from an application installed on your smartphone. Because the code is unique to each person and is constantly changing, it helps ensure that only authorized people can access Connect Care.

The code generated from the smartphone application is based on:

  • a Token provided by AHS, which is loaded once into the app; and

  • a unique PIN defined by you, which is entered into the app.

Outlined below is information on how to:

  1. install the remote access app on your smartphone;

  2. load the Token provided by AHS into the smartphone app;

  3. create the PIN that you will use with the smartphone app; and

  4. verify that your Token works so you can use your SecurID remote access.

Install the Smartphone App

The smartphone app you require is called RSA SecurID.

To install this app, open your smartphone and navigate to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store and search for "RSA SecurID". Alternatively, you can email the appropriate link below to yourself, open the email on your smartphone, and click on the link.

Load the Token Into the App

Your unique Token will be sent to your personal email address by the AHS remote access team. This email will include instructions for installing the Token. The instructions and steps are relatively complex and the information below is intended to provide a clearer summary of the steps that you have to take.

What you need:

  • a smartphone;

  • the SecurID app installed on your smartphone; and

  • the configuration email from that includes your Token plus installation instructions.

Steps to install the Token:

        • Ensure the SecurID app is installed on your smartphone.

        • Forward the email to an address that you can access from the mail app on the phone. Webmail applications such as Gmail may not open the Token correctly.

        • Click the appropriate Token link in the email (there is one link for Android and one for iPhone). This should open the Token in the SecurID app.

            • Note: Certain email clients on iPhone will not recognize the link; if this happens, try using the built-in mail app.

Alternative steps:

        • Open the email on your smartphone (or forward it to an address that you can access from the mail app on your smartphone).

        • Click the SDTID file that is attached to the email.

        • On iPhone, click the Share icon (icon looks like a square with an up arrow).

        • Select the SecurID app as what you want to share this attachment with. You should see a “Token imported successfully” message.

Create Your PIN

Your Token will be protected by a PIN; it will not work unless you enter the correct PIN. Your PIN is stored on AHS servers and will not change if you delete the app, get a new phone, etc.

What you need:

  • a desktop computer;

  • the configuration email from; and

  • a smartphone with your Token installed.

Steps to create a PIN:

  • Open the RSA SecurID app on your phone.

      • Enter the temporary PIN "0000" on the app.

      • After entering the temporary PIN, an 8-digit passcode will appear.

  • On your desktop computer, navigate to

      • Click Proceed or Accept to any certificate or security errors.

      • Enter the username that is provided in the email from the remote access team.

      • Enter the 8-digit passcode that appears on the smartphone app.

      • Enter a new PIN that you will remember.

          • The PIN must be at least 4 digits.

          • The PIN must not begin with a zero.

          • Memorize your new PIN.

      • Click Submit.

          • You will be asked to re-enter the PIN to confirm. Click Submit.

  • On your phone, return to the main screen of the RSA SecurID app. Do this by pressing the back button or the PIN button.

      • Enter the PIN that you just created. This will calculate a new 8-digit passcode.

      • Wait for the code to change. This code is generated based on the PIN you entered and is your passcode.

      • Enter the new 8-digit passcode into the Token website to complete setting up your PIN.

      • Note: This step can occasionally show an error. Please verify your token works with the final steps below.

Using Your SecurID Remote Access

What you need:

        • a smartphone with the SecurID app loaded with your AHS Token;

        • your PIN, created using the steps above;

        • your AHS username and password; and

        • a desktop computer.

Steps to generate a passcode on your smartphone and log in to Connect Care remotely:

        • Open the SecurID app on your smartphone.

            • Enter your PIN.

            • The app will generate an 8-digit passcode. This passcode changes every 60 seconds.

        • Navigate to the Connect Care portal.

            • On your desktop computer, navigate to

            • Log in using your AHS username, your AHS password, and the 8-digit passcode from your SecurID app.

SecurID Information

  • Alberta Health policy is to automatically de-activate any remote account after 6 months of inactivity and to automatically delete any remote account after 12 months of inactivity.

  • For any application that requires login with an RSA token/FOB, you will be locked out after three incorrect attempts. If you are not able to log in after the first attempt, wait for the code on the token to change before trying again - each passcode can only be used once.


If you require assistance in setting up your remote access, please contact the Service Desk at 1-877-311-4300.

Additional Resources (click to expand/collapse)

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