Finding More Help, Tips, Guides and other Resources

If faced with a clinical need, or short on time, the fastest route to the right Connect Care action is likely to come from a peer (SuperUser, Medical Informatics Lead, Trainer) or the IT Help Desk (see other entries in this Support section).

If one has time to reflect on a particular workflow and investigate how to better fit clinical information system tools to your needs, then the following resources contain an abundance of different types of assistance:

    • Connect Care Physician Manual - ( serves as a guidepost to other resources, focusing on the needs of physicians. A good place to start, look in the Workflow subsections. The manual draws from a comprehensive Physician Handbook and an eHealth Glossary, sparing physicians the need to search either.
    • Connect Care Physician Updates - ( the physician blogging channels include tips, frequently asked questions and supports; with peer-to-peer answers to problems physicians may encounter. Use the Search box or browse the post topics.
    • Demonstrations - ( many of the demonstrations linked in the Manual, Blogs and Dashboards are stored in at this AHS password-protected site where you can browse or search video demonstrations prepared by peers.
    • Knowledge Library - ( includes many more in-depth explorations of CIS topics, with an emphasis on backgrounders, user guides, protocols, builder aids and specifications.
    • Training Library - ( includes training workbooks, guides and other supports covers all clinical areas.
    • CMIO Library - ( includes many physician-specific tips and guides that are referenced from the Physician Manual.
    • Learning Home Dashboard - the dashboards maintained within the CIS have links to guides, worksheets and tips. This is a great place to look for comprehensive information (with lots of screenshots).
    • MyLearningLink - ( contains all the self-directed eLearnings that can reinforce CIS knowledge and skills.
    • Epic UserWeb - ( serves as the ultimate resource for documentation, eLearnings and user support forums.