Super User Supports

Super Users help peers build capacity for meaningful use of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) by facilitating participation in readiness activities, supporting training, and providing “at the elbow” peer help prior to, during and immediately following launch.

Super User Schedule

Each Super User has hours dedicated to pre- and post-launch support. Please check with clinical department leadership about Super User activities and expectations in your area.

Super User Orientation

Super User resources provide a wealth of information about logistics, locations and activities:

CMIO Tracker Database for Area Trainers, Core Trainers, and Super Users

We have transitioned from SharePoint to a database for our Area Trainers (ATs), Core Trainers, and Super Users, where you can easily:

  • see what training you have completed,

  • sign up to deliver or support training/practice charting/shadow charting sessions,

  • review the training and launch sessions you have signed up for, and

  • review and validate your hours.

You will no longer use the SharePoint site to validate your hours. All previously validated sessions have been transitioned from SharePoint to the new database.

To access the database, go to and log in using your AHS username and password. For further details, see the tip sheet:

Super User Updates Channel

The Connect Care Update Blogs ( cover a lot of information useful to Super Users, who are advised to "subscribe" in order to receive postings via email. One of the special-interest blogging channels,, posts less frequently but focuses on things that Super Users, Power Users and Builders specifically need to know. Again, worth subscribing.

MS Teams

For additional launch support, the CMIO uses Microsoft Teams as a platform to support communication among Trainers, Super Users, resident Super Users, and CMIO staff. A comprehensive Team will be created prior to launch and populated with Channels for each specialty training track.

  • Instructions on how to use Teams for launch support will be posted to this page when available for Launch 6.

Citrix Director

Citrix Director is a tool used to provide virtual support. It allows approved individuals to shadow users in Connect Care for purposes of troubleshooting issues. To launch Director while on the AHS network, visit If logging in remotely, please access through the AHS unified access portal ( For additional resources, please refer to:


A "Concierge" intake process ( allows needs to be captured, channeled and tracked. Super Users should familiarize themselves with this intake tool and enter requests and suggestions for themselves and on behalf of users.

Screenshot Documentation of Issues

Super Users can be particularly helpful with problem-reporting if screenshots are needed to better document a tricky problem:

  1. First ensure that a ticket with a narrative problem description has been submitted via

  2. Work from a computer device on the AHS intranet ("Healthy" domain) or where a VPN is active. Alternatively, access from the computer where the screenshot will be submitted from, and log in with AHS credentials.

  3. Open Connect Care (Hyperspace) and obtain one or more screenshots illustrating the user's problem. Save the screenshot image(s) to the downloads folder of the local computer.

  4. Log in to the AHS IT Customer Service Portal ( using the same AHS credentials (this page will not show unless the provisions in Step 2 have been taken and the same browser is used).

  5. Use the "My Calls" left-column menu to access "Review Past/Current Calls".

  6. Search with the default ("Open Calls") setting and select the relevant recent ticket.

  7. Note the buttons at the top of the ticket ("call") information display. These can be used to add additional narrative information or to add an attachment. Use "Add Attachment" to upload the screenshot(s).

  8. Delete the screenshot image(s) from the local computer downloads directory when the ticket update is complete.

Who to call?

CMIO Leaders On Call

The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) ensures that a physician informatics leader is available before and during launch.

  • The CMIO Leader On Call schedule will be posted to this page when available for Launch 6.