Super User On-Call Guide

Super Users have dedicated time scheduled for support of relevant clinical user groups, with these schedules concentrated on the weeks immediately post-launch. Schedules will be linked here when available.

From week 2 post-launch forward, Super Users are embedded in specialty area activities. They are known to department and division leads, together with hours remaining in their assignments. Please confirm Super User availability with local medical leadership.

Super Users attached to a current Launch should familiarize themselves with the Launch Supports ( section of this manual.

See the Launch Supports section for more details about locations.


    • Familiarize with this Manual, especially the Workflow section.

    • Escalate and discuss difficult issues with the CMIO Lead on call, call the Connect Care Incident Management Branch Lead (CCLIMB) phone number at: 1-888-592-2054 and select the option for CMIO Medical Leader on call​ or email

    • Site Command Post Information (will be posted to this page when available for Launch 6)