Super User Supports

Super Users promote end-user organization, engagement and accountability. They work with peers in clinical areas, helping them adapt to new workflows while building capacity for meaningful use of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS).

Physician Super Users facilitate prescriber participation in readiness activities, ensure authentic CIS training, and build relationships to support physicians “at the elbow” prior to, during and following launch. Super Users are change agents who help users take ownership of their CIS. Doing this well requires that Super Users also be supported to support one another.

Super User Schedule

    • Starting Monday November 18, 2019, Super Users move to ad-hoc scheduling, determined at the discretion of their department heads and site medical leaders. Each super user has hours dedicated to additional post-launch support, and these hours can be used to support onboarding of new staff, remedial training, group in-services, etc. Please check with clinical department leadership about Super User activities and expectations in your specialty area.

Super User Orientation

A Super User guide and a launch orientation manual have a wealth of information about Launch logistics, locations and activities:

"Slack" Online Community

Slack is a collaboration tool that can be used on desktops ( and all mobile platforms as a dedicated app (iPhone, Android, etc.; install from App Store or Google Play). Slack brings communication, consulting and collaborating together in one place.

A CMIO Slack workspace ( includes support for physician Super Users. Teamwork in Slack happens in channels; including one to facilitate those supporting Wave 1 launch. All SuperUsers should consider getting to know Slack pre-launch and setting alerts to be active at launch:


A "Concierge" intake process ( or allows user needs to be captured, channeled and tracked. Super Users should familiarize themselves with this intake tool and then enter requests and suggestions for themselves and on behalf of users.

Who to call?

CMIO Leaders on Call

The Chief Medical Information Office ensures that a physician informatics leader is available 24/7. A call schedule highlights who is available during day (0700-1900) and night (1900-0700) shifts.

Urgent CMIO contact numbers are also listed for the Wave 1 launch period.