Super User On-Call Guide

From week 3 post-launch forward, Super Users are embedded in specialty area activities. They are identified to department and division leads, together with hours remaining in their assignments. Please confirm with medical leadership respecting expectations and any applicable schedules.

Additional Super User supports are available on-call to ensure at least one additional resource (over and above specialty and help desk supports) during evening and weekend week 3 time slots.


Nov 29 1700-0700 - Dominic Shepherd - 519-282-9614

Nov 30 0700-1900 - Fatma Alzahrani - 778-998-7737

Nov 30 1900-0700 - Robyn-Lee Burton - 780-951-0520

Dec 1 0700-1900 - Robyn-Lee Burton - 780-951-0520

Dec 1 1900-0700 - Ken Sun - 780-908-8859


    • Start at Bernard Snell Hall where there will be seating and food available all night/day and note any bulletin board announcements or shift priorities.
    • Call hospital locating services (780-407-8822) to let them know of on-call hours and contact cell number as physician Super User on call.
    • Call and connect with the CMIO Leader on call (780-913-6654) to learn about any situations, urgencies or special needs.
    • Plan to round in-person through high-needs areas (OR, Emergency, ICU, any identified priority wards, etc.) introducing yourself and letting teams know of availability.
    • Identify and partner with "Impact consultants" if not occupied helping others. If you don’t run into them in Bernard Snell Hall, they can also be called to help support you with a workflow, available 24 hours a day:
      • ICU #1 - 780-913-3782
      • ICU #2 - 780-913-4791
      • OR - 780-913-1084
    • Be aware of the Solution Centre (1-877- 311-4300, #1 then #2) and call to confirm availability to be dispatched for physician super user support.
    • Report issues to the CMIO Lead on call at 780-913-6654 at the end of your shift.


    • Familiarize with this Manual, especially the Workflow section.
    • Escalate and discuss difficult issues with the CMIO Lead on call at 780-913-6654.
    • Other urgent CMIO contact numbers are available for the Wave 1 launch period.