Patients have the right to refuse or accept healthcare investigations and interventions. This consent is sometimes implied by decisions or actions. In many cases it needs to be informed, explicit and documented in the legal record of care. Accordingly, all patient consents must be recorded in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). Helpfully, the associated workflows are supported by a single 'navigator' that can be used for all types of consent.

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Key Points

    • All informed, written, expressed verbal and implied consents are documented in the CIS.
    • Documentation occurs in the Consent Navigator, not clinical notes.
    • eSignatures can be captured with pads, tablets or computer pointing devices.
    • Conventional signatures can be scanned from printed consent forms.
    • SmartText can be used to customize text fields within consent forms.
    • Relevant persisting consents can be pulled forward from encounter to encounter.
    • A "capture signature" box on a form indicates where a signature is required, with red font indicating that it is mandatory and grey font indicating optional.
    • Once a consent form is signed and saved in the CIS, it becomes read-only.
    • Revoking consent requires completion of a new consent form.
    • --> All consent forms and processes are facilitated by a Consent Navigator