Connect Care Physician Training


One of the most powerful predictors of physician success is effective clinical information system (CIS) training. This needs to be sensitive to physician workflows, layered for just-in-time learning and empowering for personalization. The Connect Care physician training strategy promotes physicians training physicians, custom pathways to competence, and support for different learning styles. The is explained in a short online presentation.


Training occurs in three phases. Basic training covers essential skills for logging on, navigating Hyperspace and using common functions safely. Personalization training teaches how to adapt the CIS environment for a more satisfying experience. Optimization training explores workflow improvement for productivity. Basic and Personalization training occur pre-launch, while Optimization training occurs post-launch.


Training blends self-directed (online), directed (classroom and virtual classroom) and experiential (case-based) methods. All online activities occur through MyLearningLink ( where physicians can find the track they are registered for and the competency assessment that applies.


Basic Training phase provides the knowledge needed to attain 80% or better on a simple competency assessment. This End User Performance Assessment (EUPA), plus InfoCare privacy training, is required to gain access to production Connect Care.

What physicians need to do:

  • Be sure that MyLearningLink can be accessed wherever self-directed learning will occur.
  • Carefully heed MyLearningLink Tips for users of non-AHS devices.
  • Complete MyLearningLink eLearnings for assigned training track
  • Be sure to be registered for and complete Basic Training (receive and respond to registration email).
  • Complete EUPA and confirm its acceptance.
  • Carefully follow Tips for installing Connect Care Mobile Apps and PowerMic Mobile.
  • Attend Personalization training, gain access to full Connect Care, and configure personal preferences.
  • Apply for Continuing Professional Development Credits

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