“MyLearningLink” (MLL) is Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) online learning management platform. It facilitates the registration, scheduling, delivery, completion tracking and assessments (End User Proficiency Assessments, or EUPAs) for Connect Care training. A short (4 min) demonstration covers key information for physicians:

Accessing MLL

Valid AHS userid and password are needed ("Healthy" network credentials; same as those used for AHS email; see Access for more information). Any of the following Internet shortcuts will work from any location (inside and outside AHS) for logon to MLL:

MyLearningLink is optimized for Windows computers on AHS networks. Not all physicians use Windows computers on AHS networks. Physicians using personal devices are advised to use the Chrome internet browser configured as described in a step-by-step tip sheet:

Finding and Registering for Required Courses

Prescribers can find required Connect Care courses by searching in the "Courses & Registration" section of MLL for course titles containing the keyword "CMIO". Short tips illustrate how to find Basic and Personalization required courses; and how to find supplemental eLearnings:

Completing Courses

A nice feature of MLL is that it can automatically record when an online self-directed learning course has been completed. Unfortunately, this does not always work and so courses may not move from registered to completed status. Follow the Chrome browser configuration tips for the best chance of success on non-AHS computers.

Completing Assessments

Some courses prepare you to take an "End User Proficiency Assessment". These are found (e.g., in "Required Courses") or sought (i.e., search for "Epic - " courses and register for the desired "EUPA" course) just like other courses in MLL. However, it is important to work through the questions of a EUPA to the end, note whether a pass score is attained or not, and close the course as instructed.

Difficulties have been reported when physicians seek proficiency credit and MLL fails to record this automatically. There may be problems at the level of the network, computer or browser. We do not want physicians to be inconvenienced.

If, despite following the tip, an assessment does not get credited or assessed as “pass”, contact the MyLearningLink Support Centre ( immediately with the Subject Line: “EUPA Move to Pass”. In the body of the message, provide your name, email address, course name (EUPA), session number and final grade. For physicians who need additional Connect Care Training support while using personal computers, contact:

Supplemental eLearnings

Basic, personalization and optimization training courses are supplemented with eLearning videos. These are short illustrations of workflows or features, usually sensitive to a particular specialty.