Self-Directed Learning

There are many excellent resources that physicians can use to prepare for first use of the clinical information system (CIS), discover all the ways that the CIS can be shaped to personal needs, and continually learn how to become evermore efficient using the CIS.

eLearning Modules - MyLearningLink

“MyLearningLink” (, or “MLL”) is Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) online learning management platform. It is used to facilitate the registration, scheduling, delivery, completion tracking and assessments (End User Proficiency Assessments, or EUPAs) for Connect Care training. Users can find find, access and complete any self-directed e-learning courses found by searching for course titles with "Epic -".

MyLearningLink is optimized for Windows computers on AHS networks. Physicians are strongly encouraged to carefully follow instructions for remote access with personal computers, including essential configuration steps using the Chrome internet browser:

Difficulties have been reported when physicians seek course or proficiency assessment completion credit and MLL fails to record this automatically at the end of an eLearning or assessment. There may be problems at the level of the network, computer or browser. We do not want physicians to be inconvenienced.

If, despite following the tip, a training track user assessment does not get credited or appropriately assessed as “pass”, contact the MyLearningLink Support Centre ( immediately with the Subject Line: “EUPA Move to Pass”. In the body of the message, provide your name, email address, course name (EUPA), session number and final grade. For physicians who need additional Connect Care Training support while using personal computers, contact:

eLearning Videos - MyLearningLink

Basic, personalization and optimization training courses are supplemented with a number of eLearning videos. These are short (just a few minutes) but useful illustrations of workflows or features, usually sensitive to a particular specialty. They can be found on MLL more easily by following some tips:

eLearning Modules - Epic UserWeb

Epic's UserWeb contains a wealth of short eLearning modules and videos in a "WeLearning" section. Most are practical and physician-friendly. The "It's Possible" collection is especially helpful for busy clinicians. And Epic's online forums include dedicated Canadian channels where other physicians share questions and know-how.

CMIO Tips, Demonstrations and Instructional Videos

Connect Care users have prepared instructional videos and demonstrations. Useful gateways include: