Virtual Encounters

Virtual care is about all the ways healthcare providers can interact with patients when separated by time or space. Virtual encounters can leverage one or more of text (instant messaging), audio (telephony), or video (video conferencing). "Virtual Health Services" is a broader term that includes considerations of scheduling, queuing, documenting and reporting virtual interactions.

Most physician interactions with a chart occur when patients are in the ER, are hospitalized or are in clinic. Training covers this well.

Unscheduled Encounters

Sometimes prescribers may need to interact with the chart outside of a hospital admission or an emergency or clinic visit. One may want to place orders that anticipate a future interaction or document an interaction that occurs where Connect Care has not yet deployed. This can be accomplished with one or more "other encounter" types. Indeed, there are many “other” encounter types. “Documentation” and “Orders Only” encounters are useful for situations Connect Care physicians frequently confront.

Virtual Encounters

More complex virtual interactions can be scheduled or unscheduled. A scheduled visit can be booked as a "virtual" encounter. Unscheduled virtual care ad hoc visits can be documented by opening a patient chart, using the "create encounter" activity, then selecting a new "Telemedicine" encounter.