Connect Care Manual

This online manual gathers tips, guides, resources and norms for prescribers who use the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The focus is essential information addressing the particular needs of physicians and other prescribers. The Manual is is developed by clinicians for clinicians, with no claim that the information provided is institutionally endorsed.

A separate Builders Handbook supports clinician informaticians. An eHealth Glossary can help with new terms and concepts. Other prescriber resources are listed at


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Updates: opens Connect Care blogs ( with information and updates for physicians in News, Tips, FAQs and peer Support channels. Please subscribe (more info at Connect Care Updates in this Manual).

Glossary: opens an eHealth glossary covering informatics terms and acronyms that might be unfamiliar to physicians.

Concierge: opens a help and support page ( with a single point of capture for help, feedback, and requests.

Feedback: initiates an email to the manual editorial board ( to facilitate corrections or suggestions.

Requests for additions and corrections are welcomed by the Chief Medical Information Office Editorial Board (, which oversees this Manual and a variety of other prescriber resources (