In-System Dictation - Dragon Medical One

Clinicians can control the “Hyperspace” clinical information system (CIS) interface with voice commands, dictate text into many parts of the chart, and trigger text automations that speed documentation processes.

Hyperspace is used on desktop, workstation-on-wheels, notebook and tablet computers, providing access to all CIS functions. The most feature-rich in-system dictation happens with Hyperspace. Other types of dictation are supported through CIS mobile applications ("apps") for smartphones (Haiku) and iPads (Canto).

CIS speech recognition for in-system dictation happens with Nuance’s “Dragon Medical One” (DMO) software. This is built-in to all Hyperspace configurations and is activated for all clinical roles where dictation is allowed.

DMO needs to be able to “hear” a user’s voice. It can be captured with a hardware microphone attached to the CIS computer. It can also be captured with a software microphone running as an app, called “PowerMic Mobile” (PMM), on the user’s smartphone. PMM relays voice via wireless and Internet connections.

Start by installing PMM, then pair PMM with DMO in Hyperspace and learn basic DMO functions. When ready, progress to learn advanced techniques for controlling Hyperspace with DMO. Finally, work with peers to learn how to use DMO to control Epic SmartText, SmartPhrases and other text automations.

Subsections cover DMO features in greater detail:


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