COVID-19 Connect Care Documentation Supports

Clinical documentation supports include tools to facilitate the easy capture of clinical observations as well as tools that help make that information easy to access and incorporate into clinically impactful progress and summary documentation.

This section describes standardized text blocks, information displays, calculators and summative documentation (e.g., discharge summary) enhancements supporting the care of patients with COVID-19 related illness.

Please see the COVID-19 Content page for general information about COVID-responsive clinical system design, the COVID-19 Workflows page for ideas about how to integrate content into workflows, and the COVID-19 Resources page for links to general COVID-19 guidance and protocols.


Most of the following COVID-19 documentation supports make use of new SmartPhrases, SmartLinks, SmartLists, SmartText and SmartForms that enable interactive documentation. Some users may want to include these in their own COVID-19 documentation templates or within personalizations of AHS standard templates. The most useful SmartTools are listed and described:

Problem Lists