Professional Billing

Many physicians track, record and ‘bill’ for services rendered, even when employed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) or contracted through alternate reimbursement plans. The Connect Care clinical information system supports the capture of billings with a Service Code Navigator and the generation of billing reports through Reporting Workbench. Additionally, for participating physicians, Connect Care can manage the submission and reconciliation of billings with Alberta Health , Workman Compensation and private insurers.

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Billing Codes

Relatively few professional billing codes are used by any one professional. Specialties have done some work to list common codes for their area as preferences.

Billing Personalization

A little personalization work can ensure that physicians can pick their most common codes, with their most frequent modifiers, from a limited list.

Capturing Billings

A "Service Code Navigator" is available in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. It assembles all the information needed to support a billing claim, including patient demographics, date of service, providers and linked encounters. This facilitates rapid entry of professional billing codes for visits, procedures and other interactions.

Reporting Billings

Professional billing reports are available through the Reporting Workbench workspace. A generic report can be accessed and run. It can also be saved as one or more personal favourite reports. These can be tuned to focus on specific time intervals, contexts (e.g. inpatient, outpatient) or even billing codes. The reports can be exported in spreadsheet format or printed, whichever form works best for a third-party billing service. Indeed, some services may be able to import that spreadsheet directly.