Charge Capture Personalization

Recording charges, including all the information needed to ensure successful reimbursement, can be tedious. A lot of information is required in exactly the right format, including things like location, context, chief complaint, co-morbidities, referring provider and patient demographics. Connect Care can automate much of this by pulling information in from other parts of the chart. 

With a little personalization work, Connect Care can further ease the work of billing. Saving favourites with frequently used codes and modifiers can save a lot of time. Tricks like setting up a referring provider at the beginning of a hospitalization can further speed billing workflows.

Favourite Charge Codes

Relatively few professional billing codes are used by any one professional. Most specialties have already extracted common codes for their area as preferences. 

Charge Capture Personalization

A little personalization work can ensure that physicians have rapid access to their most common codes via a set of quick buttons.