Reporting Problems

Clinical information system (CIS) users may encounter what appear to be bugs or other problems that should be reported to avoid possible safety risks or to prevent other users from workflow interruptions.

The Connect Care Concierge ( simplifies intake for problem reports and requests which are then characterized, triaged and allocated for fixes, optimization or development.

    • Please report all non-urgent problems via the Connect Care Concierge (

    • For pressing issues, call the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre at 1-877- 311-4300 (#1 for Connect Care).

    • For suspected wireless (WiFi) network performance issues, call HelpDesk or submit a WiFi Checkin (

Better Requests and Reports

Those trying to characterize, triage, and then allocate requests and problem reports can do so better when users provide a workable level of detail. Connect Care Concierge ( submissions become "tickets." High-performing tickets include the following details:

  • Patient Information

      • Include patient information if unique patient circumstances (e.g., order, documentation, flowsheet) are part of the reported problem or request.

      • Limit any patient information to the Medical Record Number (MRN) found in Storyboard.

    • Location

      • Department and setting information is required for all tickets. However, the reported issue may cross more than one Epic department and more than one clinical setting or provider role. Indicate this in the comments if the forced selection of department, setting and role does not seem relevant.

    • Device

      • If an AHS device (e.g., computer) may be the issue, the Solution Centre should be called (1-877-311-4300). If, despite this, a ticket is entered to, then be sure to include the device ID (on the AHS sticker on the device).

      • If a personal device may relate to the problem, report whether it is mobile or desktop/laptop, and note the operating system (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android), browser and network (intranet vs. extranet) in use at the time.

    • Workflow

      • When a Connect Care issue or need relates to use of the system, try to specifically identify the Activity (e.g., Patient Lists), Navigator (e.g., Admission), Chart Component (e.g., Summary, Chart Review) and subsection where the problem occurs.

      • When an action is in question, be specific about the associated order, note template or other object in use at the time of the problem.

    • Medications

      • For medication-related problems, include the drug name and try to also include the order number and any containing order set.

Tracking Problems

Once a ticketed report is submitted, the user can expect email acknowledgement with a summary of what was reported. Thereafter, progress may be reported by email and can be followed online with the following link (only works when connected to an AHS network):