Patient Messages

While there are a variety of ways to send messages to patients using the MyAHS Connect patient portal, In Basket is the tool prescribers use for receiving, reviewing and acting upon responses.

Sending Patient Messages

Clinicians can send patient messages from a variety of Hyperspace activities. Common starting points include:

    • In Basket - "Patient Message" button in top-level In Basket button bar.

    • Inpatient Chart - "Send Patient Message" activity (accessible from global search or Epic menu).

    • Resolving incomplete documentation or open charts.

    • Accepting tasks sent to a pool (e.g., triage of incoming referrals).

Receiving Patient Messages

Patients can send messages to clinics or clinicians via their MyAHS Connect account. By default, they can do this independently 90 days before or after a visit with the intended message recipient, excepting emergency and urgent care providers. These messages are routed to a clinical support pool (usually support staff) for the clinic. Physicians can also respond directly, after which all communications with that patient bypass the pool.

Receiving clinicians receive alerts to incoming patient messages via Haiku/Limerick (configurable), Canto (configurable) and Hyperspace. All patient messages appear, and are reviewed, in In Basket, via a "Pt Advice Request" folder.

Patient Message Task Management

As with other In Basket messages and tasks, incoming patient messages can be re-routed, copied, forwarded or deferred. Messages are automatically linked to the relevant patient chart and, if appropriate, have links to any associated patient questionnaires, images or attached documents.

Attaching Messages to Test Results

Another way to message patients involves attaching comments to test or intervention (e.g., diagnostic imaging) results released to the patient portal. Patients see these messages at the top of the result or report when it is selected and displayed in MyAHS Connect.

To attach comments to one or more reports routed to MyAHS Connect, use global search for "MyChart" when a patient's chart is open in Hyperspace. Select the jump to "MyChart Results Release" option that appears. A tip sheet illustrates how this activity exposes which results have been released to the patient portal, which have already been viewed, how to block patient portal results release, and how to attach comments or un-release specific results:


    • Workflow demonstration - End-to-end patient messaging demonstration of how patients initiate messages, how support staff screen messages incoming to pools, and how prescribers are brought into "conversations".

      • MyLearningLink - Search and register for course entitled "AMB540 In Basket - Patient Advice Request Messages"

      • Epic WeLearning - Follow link for the same course from Epic's User Web

    • Demo: Patient Communications

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