Basic Training

Basic training prepares prescribers for first use of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). This usually involves instructor-led and/or self-directed training selected from a schedule of offerings for different specialties and roles. Registration and scheduling for basic training begins 6 months prior to a launch date.

What Do I Need to Do Before Basic Training?

You must complete the requirements for the type of basic training you are registered for at least 48 hours before your training begins. These requirements are outlined on the below linked pages. Click on the link for the type of training you are registered for:

  1. In-Person Basic Training

  2. Virtual Basic Training

  3. Independent Learning Basic Training

An overview of basic training is below. Click the links above for the tasks you need to complete before your basic training.

In-Person Training

Most basic training occurs as structured experiential learning in computer laboratory settings (in-person or via Zoom). One or more trainers work with clinical informaticians to guide a group of up to 20 learners through a set curriculum. Attendance is noted. Additional time and resources are available to those who need additional help.

Virtual Training

When in-person training is not possible (e.g., pandemic social distancing) or practical (e.g., small groups of locum or elective prescribers needing rapid onboarding), virtual interaction offers alternative access to instructor-led training (ILT). Virtual (online) training takes two forms: independent and guided.

    • Independent Virtual Training

      • Online learning modules for self-directed instruction are available for many roles and specialties, including Emergency, Critical Care, Inpatient Admitting and Surgery. More independent learning modules are being developed.

      • Required modules are highlighted in training invitation and registration emails. They can be found in MyLearningLink by searching for courses with names following the pattern: "CMIO [Track] - Independent Learning". The independent learning module should be completed in its entirety to satisfy basic training requirements. Instructions are provided for completing End User Proficiency Assessments (EUPAs).

    • Guided Virtual Training

      • Guided online training occurs in a "virtual" computer laboratory using AHS Zoom webinar technology. Trainers and clinical informaticians help a small group of learners who observe, discuss and share during a scheduled online session. Participants register just as they would for in-person training.

      • The sessions can be found in MyLearningLink by searching for courses with names following the pattern: "CMIO [Track] ILT" (e.g., "CMIO Surgery ILT"). To select a session to register for, the learner clicks on their ILT of choice. Instructions are provided onhow to prepare for the AHS Zoom session and which meeting identifier to use when joining the session.

Virtual training is supported by trainers and clinical informaticians via, 07:00-21:00, 7 days a week. Virtual assistance is provided via just-in-time AHS Zoom sessions.

AHS Videoconferencing

AHS Zoom videoconferencing is used to support Connect Care training in a number of ways. Virtual classroom instruction occurs through Zoom. Drop-in and optimization training is facilitated by Zoom webinars, and person-to-person consultation and troubleshooting with Trainers and Super Users take advantage of 1:1 Zoom sessions. Uses of Zoom for training and user support are managed by the CMIO Medical Informatics Program (, with help to trainees available 07:00-21:00, 7 days a week, via an email provided with registration materials.

The following tip sheets can help trainees get started with AHS Zoom (

Course Registration - MyLearningLink

MyLearningLink ( is the AHS online learning management platform. It facilitates the registration, scheduling, delivery, completion tracking and assessments (End User Proficiency Assessments, or EUPAs) for basic training. See the MyLearningLink subsection of this Manual for more information about how prescribers can navigate the system.


For issues relating to online training, prescribers should start with the resources available through the MyLearningLink Support Centre and its email intake at

For prescribers who need additional Connect Care training support when seeking and registering for the right courses using personal computers, contact:

What Do I Need to Do After Basic Training?

You must complete the requirements outlined as soon as you are able after completing your training:

      • Assessments:

        • EUPA: Mandatory requirements to be completed to get access to Connect Care

        • On Our Best Behaviours (OOBB): If not yet completed, is required for Connect Care access

These resources will help you prepare for the EUPA and working in Connect Care:

  1. Independent Learning

  2. Exercise Booklets

  3. Practicing in the System: Information about accessing training environments for practice and independent learning videos

  4. Preparing for Launch: Activities that will help you to prepare for launch

  5. Follow-up Survey: Tell us how we can improve