Clinical Investigation Supports

Many patients participate in clinical research. Indeed, some research protocols are central to the patients' care. Connect Care research information management tools support a variety of research activities. 

Connect Care Access for Research

The Clinical Information Sharing Approach supports the use and disclosure of health information in Connect Care for all forms of clinical inquiry, including clinical research. 

The approval process for research access to in-system Connect Care data is closely tied to research ethics review board (REB) approval, which must be granted first. Prescriber researchers are encouraged to include details about their proposed use of Connect Care as a data source in their REB application, paying particular attention to how Connect Care will be used to identify potential study participants, what data will be pulled from the clinical record and how any extracted information will be protected.

Once approved, researcher access to in-system Connect Care data and research management tools is managed by the AHS Health System Access (HSA) team. In preparation for each Connect Care wave, HSA identifies all active clinical trials at a facility, builds those studies into Connect Care research management tools (including the creation of trial drug records where required) and creates user accounts for study team members that need access. 

Connect Care Use for Research

Research-only Visits

Researcher Supports

Prescribers facilitate clinical investigation using skills similar to those used to facilitate clinical service with Connect Care. Documentation and ordering workflows fit what is learned in basic training. Accordingly, most prescribers participating in clinical studies are sufficiently supported by a peer or Super User.

Non-prescriber research team members must complete training specific to the use of research management tools in Connect Care. This training covers topics like research study creation, maintenance, billing and scheduling. Research teams are supported at multiple levels:

Research-only Visits