Connect Care Mobility Responsibilities

Clinicians are free to use personal devices in clinical settings. However, mobile devices are vulnerable to loss, theft, hacking or eavesdropping. Mobile devices must be used responsibly, and configured to support responsible use.

Mobility Management

Ensuring that mobile clinical apps are properly secured relates to Connect Care Mobility Management, as explained in:

Ensuring that mobile apps are used responsibly is a matter of professionalism and practice. Safe behaviours are emphasized in InfoCare training. All Connect Care users must attest to InfoCare expectations:

Mobility Compact

In addition, clinicians must understand and accept responsibilities specific to personal mobile devices.

A "compact" is a clear statement of expectations and accountabilities between two groups; it is easier to action than complex legal documents. The Clinical Information Sharing Compact summarizes rights and responsibilities related to health information sharing:

All clinicians who use Connect Care Mobility must accept and abide by a Connect Care Mobility Compact: