Prescriber Identity and Contact Information

Provider Access

Alberta Health Services (AHS) maintains a directory of all persons entitled to access its health information systems. Relevant information includes physician demographics, contact numbers and types of clinical practice. The Identity and Access database also informs key clinical information system (CIS) permissions.

Provider Role

The Connect Care CIS uses a “provider registry” to organize information about clinicians using the CIS. The registry affects CIS user roles and departmental affiliations.

Provider Information

Prescriber demographic and contact information exposed to other Connect Care users can be viewed using the Hyperspace "Phone Book" activity. The details appearing there affect how letterhead and signature blocks display in communications, after-visit summaries and many user-interface elements.

Checking and Correcting

We recommend checking and correcting information in three places:

      1. Access: AHS Network User Information (

      2. Role: Connect Care Physician Role information ("CMIO Login Lab" via Hyperspace search)

      3. Information: Connect Care Phone Book ("Phone Book" via Hyperspace search)

For instructions about how to complete these tasks:

If self-help does not work or is not possible, contact IT Service Desk (1-877-311-4300).