Prescriber Identity and Contact Information


The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) uses a “provider registry” to store information about clinicians using the CIS. The registry is also a source of information that affects how CIS user roles and permissions are set up, how providers can find and communicate with one another, and how things like preference lists and referrals work.

Contact Information

It is important that prescriber contact information be correct. Connect Care Phone Book information, for example, impacts how letterhead and signature blocks display in communications and after-visit summaries. Early Connect Care access is a perfect time to validate information about oneself. We recommend checking and correcting information in three places:

      1. AHS Network User Information (,

      2. Connect Care Registry (Phone Book) information,

      3. Connect Care Physician Template information

Brief instructions explain how to complete these three tasks:

If self-help does not work or is not possible, contact IT Service Desk (877-311-4300).