Scales and Scores

Clinical Scales, Scores and Measures are important clinical decision supports that can help physicians gauge risk, functional status and response to treatments. Some are static and support a single calculation or derivation. Others are dynamic and allow the serial recording and tracking of measures over time.

Static Calculators

Connect Care provides access to a wide range of clinical calculators that can be used to adjust medications, predict diagnoses and simplify complex calculations. Static calculators can be found in many of the resources listed under the top-level "Resource Links" menu, with MdCalc offering the largest collection. A "Clinical Calculator" activity is also available as a tab that can be opened within any patient chart (easiest to find by entering "Calculator" in chart search). Most common clinical calculations are covered.

Dynamic Calculations

Where the data informing a calculated scale or score is to be recorded as part of the medical record, and possibly tracked over time, Connect Care's Flowsheets are the tool offering greatest flexibility. Flowsheets can be used to track serial data, like vital signs or glucose measurements. They can also be used to track mixtures of objective and subjective data that includes summative calculations. Most Connect Care scales and scores use the Flowsheet toolkit. They can be accessed as an activity within an open chart. Many hundreds of clinically validated instruments have been deployed, all able to save data that can later be pulled into reports and other decision aids.