Connect Care Physician Supports

The Connect Care initiative offers comprehensive support for clinical information system (CIS) users. Different types of support will work best for different needs and users:

  • Embedded - many CIS functions have embedded help links that can be used for quick reminders about what functions are for and how they can be used.
  • Menu - a "Help" submenu, within the main "Epic" menu of the Hyperspace environment offers links to online, email and direct assistance; including customized Connect Care user manuals, tools for reporting problems, and links to diagnostic information displays.
  • Help Desk - a comprehensive solution centre can help identify problems and get users routed to the best resource by the most efficient pathway.
  • Super Users - users may be referred to Super Users, Power Users, Area Trainers and other clinician informaticians for in-person guidance.
  • User Groups - most clinical areas will have Zone-specific user groups where issues can be discussed and help exchanged.
  • Manual - the Connect Care Physician Manual has essential information for prescribers and links to a wealth of additional information from the Connect Care Physician Handbook.
  • Blogs - Connect Care Physician Blogs have multiple "channels", including ones for user support and peer-to-peer tip sharing. These can be subscribed to, and so allow tracking of problem-solving strategies.
  • Learning Home Dashboard - available within the "dashboards" workspace in Hyperspace, these are set up for each clinical area and have links to the most useful guides, demonstrations and tip-sheets for a particular specialty.

Different types of support may be most useful at different stages:

  • Launch - Super User, Manual, Learning Home Dashboard, HelpDesk
  • Optimization - Learning Home Dashboard, Manual, Blogs, User Groups
  • Steady State - User Groups, Learning Home Dashboard, Blogs