In Basket

In Basket is Connect Care’s secure communication hub. Prescribers use it to manage and action tasks, and to communicate with colleagues and patients.

Task Management

Clinicians receive messages about tasks via In Basket. These messages are directly linked to patients’ charts, results and orders, making it much easier to both appreciate and act on what needs doing. The tasks themselves can be managed (redirect, complete, share, etc) from buttons in the In Basket task bar. Common tasks include:

    • Reviewing Lab and Imaging Results.
    • Resolving incomplete documentation or open charts.
    • Accepting tasks sent to a pool (e.g., triage of incoming referrals)


In Basket can be used to communicate with colleagues and patients, in a manner similar to email. It is important to remember that patients cannot receive In Basket communications unless they have registered for and started using MyAHS Connect, the Connect Care patient portal. And In Basket mail is only applicable to physicians who have already adopted Connect Care. AHS secure email will remain the more reliable communication channel until Connect Care is prevalent throughout a zone. In Basket does provide a warning if either patient or physician is not a Connect Care communications user.

Using In Basket

Using In Basket in a regular, appropriate way is imperative to patient safety. Prescribers must check In Basket frequently to ensure that all investigations, results and required actions are managed in a timely and safe manner.

The Connect Care Communication Norms specifically references In Basket hygiene, together with expectations of timely responses to different types of In Basket messages.