Independent Learning Basic Training

In order to participate in your independent learning basic training, review the following:

1. Preparing for Training

In order to participate in your independent learning session, you must have:

2. MyLearningLink 

To find your required courses, sign in to MyLearningLink using your AHS username and password at Click on "Required Courses" to find all of the components required to complete your Connect Care training.

Additional resources for MyLearningLink:

3. Pre-Class eLearnings

We recommend you complete the videos found in MyLearningLink under “Required Courses” > “Basic Training” > “eLearnings - Before Class” prior to attending basic training. To watch these learning videos, a computer, laptop or tablet device will work best.

4. Starting Your Training

This video combined with our Getting Started with Virtual Training Guide walks you through accessing the Connect Care training environment. Complete this work before you begin your independent learning to ensure you have access. If you have questions, email

You can pause or rewind your independent learning session at any time.

If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at