eCLINICIAN and Connect Care

The eCLINICIAN ambulatory care health record is replaced by the Connect Care Clinical Information System (CIS), like for like. Everyone who used eCLINICIAN as the record of care (or the scheduling facilitator of care) is supported in the move to Connect Care. This includes all outpatient areas where eCLINICIAN was used and all uses of eCLINICIAN, including clinical research and quality improvement.

Most of the clinical content of eCLINICIAN is automatically moved (data converted) to Connect Care. There are some things that cannot be safely moved. Personalizations, for example, have to be manually copied by physicians from one Epic platform to the next. Scanned health record content (e.g., copies of laboratory reports or letters coming to eCLINICIAN patient records from outside sources and placed in the "Media" tab) are migrated to AHS's enterprise content management system (Solix). 

All eCLINICIAN stakeholders retain read-only access to eCLINICIAN after Connect Care launches. Initially, such access was provided using a read-only instance of eCLINICIAN, available to launch via links provided within patient charts (Storyboard and Sidebar "other systems" sections). As of 07-10-2022, a simplified eCLINICIAN "Viewer" is provided so that the same legacy health record content can be accessed. 

Key resources include illustration of how eCLINICIAN Link (read-only instance of Epic provider link) is launched in Connect Care, and how an eCLINICIAN Viewer is used within Connect Care from October 2022 forward.