Remote Access

"Remote access" refers to any access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) from outside Alberta Health Services (AHS) network locations, whether wired (Ethernet) or wireless. The protected AHS network is usually identified as "AHSRESTRICT". If one is connected to this network, it is because one is connecting from within an AHS facility or a location serviced by AHS.

External access can be from an outside clinical office or facility, from home when on call, or indeed from just about anywhere on the Internet. Additional security protections are required and so "two factor" authentication is mandated. One factor is something you know (username and password). Another factor is something you have (a "FOB" displaying a constantly changing numeric code).

Prescribers seeking external access must obtain an authorized security FOB. This can be an actual "hard" physical device (RSA Fob) or a "soft" application running on one's smartphone (Apple iOS or Android).

We strongly recommend soft tokens for physicians. It is easier to work with an application on one's phone, which tends to be present whenever using Connect Care.

Physicians must be authorized for security fob eligibility and, therefore, remote access. This should happen automatically when AHS Zone Medical Affairs requests access for physicians registered for Connect Care training. Anyone previously assigned a FOB (hard or soft, Netcare or AHS) can use it for Connect Care access.

Prescribers needing a FOB can apply through AHS Identity & Access Management. The process has been simplified. Just-in-time instructions are provided online. After applying, registered physicians will receive an email with instructions about how to install the soft FOB on a personal mobile device.

Note that Connect Care physicians are "vouched" for by Medical Affairs. That is where the Identity & Access Management team goes to verify that the FOB application should be approved. Physicians experiencing difficulties with the FOB process should contact their zone medical affairs (in the case of Wave 1 physicians: