Downtime Procedures

A Clinical information system (CIS) can suffer performance degradation, or even a complete "downtime", affecting one or more of its critical functions. Service interruptions can be planned (system maintenance) or unplanned; and can relate to the CIS itself or any of its dependencies on linked systems (e.g., enterprise content management, dictation), infrastructure (e.g., servers, networks, workstations, devices) or infostructure (e.g., operating systems, information exchanges, databases).

"Business continuity" relates to support of clinical and administrative workflows when CIS functions are compromised.

Connect Care downtime and recovery information is currently maintained at (insite) where a downtime procedures manual is maintained. If the website should become unavailable, contact the IT Service Desk and Solution Centre (1-877-311-4300) to get copies of downtime guides.

Questions about downtime procedures can be directed to

Connect Care is implementing a robust Recovery Planner (RPX) to support business continuity, providing a common front for downtime plans. As roll outs proceed, the RPX downtime information portal (cloud based and independent of any AHS system failures) will start to become available and teams will be instructed its use, including with updated information here.