What Do I Need to Do After Basic Training? 

You must complete the requirements outlined as soon as you are able after completing your training:

These resources will help you prepare for the EUPA and working in Connect Care:

Assessments: EUPA and On Our Best Behaviours


When you are ready, you can register for your End User Proficiency Assessment (EUPA) on AHS MyLearningLink. The EUPA must be completed with a minimum score of 80%. You must complete the EUPA to obtain access to Connect Care.  If you successfully completed your EUPA but the system did not move you to PASS, please click here to complete a 10-second attestation, and we will update our records.

What if I am not successful in passing my EUPA?

During your EUPA, the system will advise you on if your response is correct or incorrect. It will also provide you a reference to your learning materials to make it easy for your review. If you are unsuccessful with the EUPA, you can take it as soon as you're ready to try it again. If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at help.cmio@ahs.ca to arrange extra help.

On Our Best Behaviours

You must also complete AHS Privacy training eLearning, called InfoCare: On Our Best Behaviours (OOBB) before you obtain access to Connect Care. If you successfully completed OOBB but the system did not move you to PASS, please click here to complete a 10-second attestation, and we will update our records. 

1. Independent Learning

Independent Learning videos provide an opportunity to review the course content from the CMIO training classes. The videos were designed to assist with your practice or to provide a refresher of your training. You can access Independent Learning videos through MyLearningLink. They are listed under Basic Training in your required courses section.

In order to practice in the PLY system as you review the videos, use the logins listed below in the “Practicing in the System Section” for your track.

2. Exercise Booklets

To assist with your practice, you can access the relevant After Class exercise booklets which are listed below. 

If no exercise booklet is listed for your track, please contact help.cmio@ahs.ca. 

3. Practicing in the System: Play (PLY) Training Environment Access

For further exploration and practice, you can access the PLY environment for post-training practice. You will find PLY in your Connect Care training folder.


There are also after-class eLearning videos in MyLearningLink to help you with your learning. These are listed under “eLearning Supplemental”.

4. Preparing for Launch: Personalization Course and Login Lab

Now that you have completed your initial training and EUPA, if you haven’t already registered for a personalization course, please go to MyLearningLink and register. The personalization course is an opportunity to create preferences and shortcuts in Connect Care, and is integral to the efficient and specialty-specific use of the system. We will be providing Personalization courses online and in-person.   

Login Lab

It is CRITICAL you check your login for Connect Care before personalization class and prior to the date you require access to Connect Care. To do so, you will need to:

If you’re unable to log in to Hyperspace, please call the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre 1-877-311-4300 and identify that you have a CMIO role and are unable to log in to Hyperspace to complete your login lab.

Additional Resources

If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at help.cmio@ahs.ca.

5. Follow-up Survey

If you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey yet, please click the following link to complete the short (less than 2 minutes) questionnaire, and help us improve the Connect Care training experience.