Personalization Tips

Getting Started

We suggest getting started on personalization with the following activities, in the order listed. All are described in the CMIO Personalization Guide.

Independent Learning

An online self-directed course, available via MyLearningLink (search for courses using "CMIO Personalization" keywords), covers a number of high-value personalizations for prescribers.

Continuing Learning

Connect Care prescribers share personalization tips via a personalization theme in the postings. Prescribers can subscribe to be alerted via email.

The "Tippy" online series ( includes personalization techniques made possible by recent updates.

Power Personalization

Some clinicians seek to go farther with personalization, then share efficiency aids with peers. Workshops are offered by established physician builders, with dates and times announced via Connect Care Updates. Ad hoc personalization forums can be requested and organized via Connect Care launch Supports and Virtual Drop-in Centres. 

Those building personalizations for sharing may find the following resources useful: