Connect Care uses "Navigators" to help prescribers complete multistep tasks when key requirements are easy to forget. Core "Admission", "Transfer" and "Discharge" navigators are common to all inpatient encounters. They organize review (e.g., problem, medication and allergy validation), action (e.g., orders) and documentation (e.g., discharge summary) steps that must be completed in a specific order. Other navigators are available to (optionally) simplify a wide range of complex tasks. 

Specialty navigators, such as pre-op and post-op surgical navigators, may be provided for specific prescriber roles. These share the same layout, functions and tool types as the core navigators described here. 

Navigators usually appear as "Activities", organized horizontally as tabs at the top of an opened chart. The core navigators (Admission, Transfer, Discharge) are displayed every time a chart is opened. Other navigators can be added or made more prominent (right-click over navigator tab, then select "make important") with personalization.

All navigators have a similar layout. Key tasks are usually grouped in a menu-column at the left. The order of tasks is important, as those appearing lower often depend upon those listed higher in the navigator menu. It is best to start at the top and work one's way down. Workflow-specific guidance is provided in sub-sections.

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