Enforcement Assessment

When patients are subjected to investigations or interventions without consent under provisions of provincial legislation, prescribers are required to clearly indicate the scope of enforced care, when it starts and stops, how patients' rights have been communicated and how and when the enforcement is reviewed.

Connect Care supports are similar for Mental Health Act (MHA) and Public Health Act (PHA) requirements:

External Guides and Forms

Mental Health Act (compelled treatment)

Some MHA Forms are available as digital eForms within Connect Care via the MHA section of the Consent & eForms Navigator; these forms can be completed and signed directly within Connect Care. All other MHA Forms can be accessed and scanned into the chart via the MHA section of the Consent & eForms Navigator. MHA Forms can also be attached to the patient's chart using Media Manager.

Public Health Act (compelled investigation, treatment, isolation)

Persons detained under section 39 of the Public Health Act must be examined within 24 hours of arrival at the facility. 

Persons isolated under section 44 of the Public Health Act shall be re-examined by a physician at least once every 7 days to determine whether the person may be released from the order.  

The order contains links to the relevant forms, which are maintained by the Government of Alberta.

The notification of Patient Rights forms can be downloaded from Insite. The link is included in the order.

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