Meaningful Use Norms

"Meaningful Use Norms" are about how a clinical information system (CIS) can be used in ways that promote improved quality, safety and efficiency of care. They apply to all clinicians who see patients where Connect Care is the record of care. Clinicians may comply personally and directly. Alternately, they may participate in groups that ensure compliance as a team responsibility. 

Minimum Use Norms compliance is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Meaningful Use Norms adoption. Meaningful use depends upon minimal use, leveraging things like essential structured data capture to enable decision, documentation and inquiry supports for care coordination, patient engagement and population health.

Bottom Line

Connect Care users should avail themselves of training and feedback opportunities promoting adherence to meaningful use norms wherever Connect Care is the record of care. New norms will be added as tools emerge to promote implementation, feedback and continuing improvement in areas where Connect Care can facilitate behaviour changes that can improve clinical practices.

Promoting Best Practices

Transition Planning

Provider Communications

Patient Education and Communications


Adherence to meaningful use norms by Connect Care clinicians helps;

Promoting Compliance

Feedback about trends in norms compliance can help clinicians identify potential workflow challenges and consider options for optimizing both the user's experience and the positive impact of Connect Care. Connect Care dashboards are provided for both individuals and groups.

Failure to adhere to meaningful use norms misses opportunities to leverage Connect Care for process and outcomes improvement.