Provider Portal

The Connect Care Provider Portal (CCPP) is a web-based application connecting health care providers and facilities using the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) to external providers, practices and facilities that use other health records. As a bi-directional information bridge, CCPP can improve continuity of care for patients as they move throughout the health system. It allows non-Connect Care clinicians access to information, communications and services provided by the Connect Care CIS.


With CCPP, community users can receive, and contribute to, information about patients who receive care where Connect Care is the record of care. Access is free of charge for approved clinicians in Alberta.

Authorized prescribers can use CCPP to facilitate care of patients where the provider is included in the circle of care:

  • View Connect Care patient charts, including diagnostic imaging and laboratory results.

  • Launch CCPP from inside Alberta Netcare to access additional patient information and services supporting patient care.

  • Track the status of your Connect Care referrals or test appointments.

  • Upload care plans and other documents relevant to others providing care for a patient.

  • Place Connect Care referral and diagnostic imaging orders.

  • Access and align with longitudinal care plans and paths.

  • Communicate securely with a patient’s Connect Care care team.

  • Communicate securely with patients who use MyAHS Connect (Connect Care patient portal).

  • Receive alerts by text or email when patients are admitted, transferred within, or discharged from facilities that use Connect Care.


Members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta may be eligible to use CCPP. In addition, a physician can take accountability for office support staff access, who can then assist them by using CCPP. Practitioners and practices requesting access must be approved, with considerations including:

  • A current Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

  • Designation of a lead custodian as primary point of contact for the practice.

  • Processes for timely review and confirmation of delegated user competence, privacy awareness, training and administrative supports.

Gaining Access

Interest prescribers can contact CCPP with access requests.