Personalization Training

Physicians can participate in personalization workshops after completing their basic training and demonstrating competence on the End User Proficiency Assessment (EUPA) for their training track. Self-registration via MyLearningLink is supported on a first-come-first-scheduled basis.

What Do I Need to Do Before Personalization Training?

You must complete the requirements for the type of personalization training you are registered for at least 48 hours before your training begins. These requirements are outlined on the below linked pages. Click on the link for the type of training you are registered for:

An overview of personalization training is below. Click the links above for the tasks you need to complete before your personalization training.


A successful personalization workshop allows physicians to leave with:


Participants should come with the personal mobile device(s) they intend to use for CIS access. Better still, follow tips for installation of Connect Care Mobility Management software, then the CIS clinical applications (Haiku and/or Canto) and PowerMic Mobile (next section of this Manual). Ideally, mobile devices will be ready to use at the workshop.

Key Terms and Concepts

Self-directed Learning

A personalization workshop is the best way to start one's personalization journey. Self-directed learning and peer-to-peer support help continue the journey.

Tips, Demonstrations and Instructional Videos

Connect Care users have prepared instructional videos and demonstrations. Useful gateways include:

What do I need to do after Personalization training?

These resources will help you prepare to work in Connect Care: