Referral Workflows

Outpatient referrals are more complicated than inpatient consults because the request could come from inside or outside Connect Care, and its receipt, triage, scheduling and fulfillment can involve many members of the healthcare team, as well as the patient. Outpatient referral responsibilities for physicians depend upon whether one is involved in referral management or simply initiating requests.

Whereas requests for inpatient consultations are placed from inpatient or emergency contexts, requests for outpatient assessments can be placed from outpatient, inpatient, emergency or continuing care contexts. Users may be frustrated when trying to find outpatient referral orders from within an inpatient order navigator.

  • Consult requests relate to assessments to be done within the current encounter and are entered from inpatient and emergency orders activities (search for "consult").

  • Referral requests relate to assessments that will be done outside or after the current inpatient or emergency encounter and are entered using the "External Orders" tab of orders activities (see Tip).

"Internal" vs. "Outgoing"

Outpatient services that use Connect Care as the record of care are "internal" referral resources.

Outpatient services that are not on Connect Care are "outgoing" referral resources. This status is selected when entering the referral order. It is an important distinction because it triggers a reminder to print/fax the request to the external clinic. Clinics and offices that are not using Connect Care do not receive In Basket messages or triage and manage referrals in Connect Care.

Finding Outpatient Services

The Alberta Referral Directory (ARD), linked to all outpatient referral orders, contains information about available outpatient specialty services, their consultants, requirements for referrals and instructions about how to facilitate efficient referral access. The ARD is important, but possibly incomplete.

Resources for Those Who Refer

Specific Referral Scenarios

Resources for Those Who Triage Referrals