Mobility Compact

Clinicians are free to bring and use personal devices in clinical settings. However, mobile devices also leave clinical settings and are vulnerable to loss, theft, hacking or eavesdropping (unwanted monitoring of wireless or phone communications). Mobile devices must be used responsibly, and be configured to support responsible use.

Ensuring that mobile applications are used responsibly is a matter of professionalism, commitment and good habit. All clinicians who install and use Connect Care Mobility, must review a Connect Care Mobility Compact and make sure that they are prepared to abide.

Bottom Line

Key physician responsibilities include:

  • Integration - Only use Connect Care mobility through the provided mobility management service MMS; not attempting installation, configuration or use of Connect Care clinical apps outside the MMS security wrapper.
  • Credentials - Use only personal AHS credentials on a personal device; preventing use by others or entering any other user’s credentials.
  • Device - Take full responsibility for the selection, purchase, maintenance and repair of personal mobile device(s) subscribed to Connect Care MMS.
  • Monitor - Monitor personal device performance and data use, taking responsibility for device capacity (memory, data, backup, etc.) needed for Connect Care mobility.
  • Security - Abide by privacy and security expectations attested in InfoCare privacy training, and the Clinical Information Sharing Compact.
  • Privacy - Be accountable for allowed uses of CIS patient, clinician and organizational information; keeping that information within Connect Care MMS spaces and not copying or otherwise sharing CIS information with personal apps.
  • Loss - Immediately report a lost or stolen personal device subscribed to MMS or holding clinical or Connect Care mobility apps.
  • Accountability - Practice safe mobile computing, protecting MMS-enrolled personal devices from hacking, operating system modification or loss of device security protections.
  • Governance - Take advantage of opportunities to meaningfully participate in MMS and mobility oversight including reporting possible problems or risks.

Ensuring that mobile clinical applications are properly secured relates to Connect Care Mobility Management, as explained in: