A launch is a major transitional event, from one way of managing information to use of new tools and processes. But there are many other transitions in play as Connect Care implements province-wide in multiple waves from late 2019 to late 2024.


Data conversion is about how historical health information is selected and managed for transfer to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The types and amounts of data that can be converted from prior systems for inclusion in Connect Care at launch has been determined. The processes are largely automated and require physician awareness, not involvement.


Conversion provides valuable but insufficient launch-priming of Connect Care charts. Abstraction occurs in the outpatient context. Prior ambulatory care records (electronic and/or digital) are reviewed and key summative information is brought into the Connect Care record to ease transitions and assure patient safety.


Cutover is the inpatient equivalent of outpatient chart abstraction. Key information is transferred from legacy inpatient medical records to the new Connect Care record that becomes the legal record of care at launch.