Virtual Personalization Training

In order to participate in your training you must complete the following:

1. Complete your EUPA

You MUST complete your EUPA in order to get access to CONNECT CARE. This assessment MUST be completed NO LESS than 48 hrs. prior to your PERSONALIZATION session.

The EUPA must be completed with a minimum score of 80%. You must complete the EUPA before you obtain access to Connect Care. If you have completed your EUPA but the system did not move you to PASS, please click here to complete a 10 second attestation and we will update our records.

Access MyLearningLink

What if I am not successful in passing my EUPA?

During your EUPA the system will advise you on if your response is correct or incorrect. It will also provide you a reference to your learning materials to make it easy for your review. If you are unsuccessful with the EUPA, you can take it as soon as you're ready to try it again. If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at to arrange extra help.

2. Preparing for Training

In order to participate in your training, you must complete the following:

Technical Preparation for the Session

  • Remote Access FOB – If you don’t already have a security token to enable remote computer access, you’ll be receiving an email from AHS IT with instructions on how to configure this. If you haven’t received these instructions please refer to our manual entry on Remote Access.

  • Citrix Workspace is installed – this allows you to access Connect Care through your home or non-AHS computer. For more, refer to: Accessing Connect Care Environments.

  • Monitors – We recommend you have access to two screens in order to get the most benefit from this session, dual monitors work best.

      • If you don’t have dual monitors we suggest you use your computer or laptop to connect to the training environment, and an iPad or similar device to connect to the online training session.

      • If you do not have an additional device you may be able to successful re-size the virtual session window and the connect care window to fit within one monitor but it is not ideal in terms of functionality.

  • Latest version of Zoom – If you’ve never used Zoom, the Webinar software used for the clinics, we recommend you do a test call prior to the session here:

Mobility and Dragon Medical One (DMO)

  • Download the Mobility and DMO (Speech Recognition) apps on your mobile device: Physician Manual: Installing Mobile Apps

      • Download the Dragon Medical One (speech recognition software) on your mobile device

      • Download the PowerMic mobile app on your mobile device

      • For assistance with mobility questions or installing applications, please email:

To confirm you are ready complete this Pre-Class Checklist (

3. Starting your Training

Getting to Class

  • Sign-on 15 minutes before class to keep classes running on time, using the link in your confirmation email subject: “READ THIS: Connect Care Training ACTION REQUIRED”.

We have scheduled your training session to accommodate lifestyle breaks and allow adequate time to complete your Basic training session.

If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at