Connect Care Mobility

The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) can be accessed via computers and mobile devices. The mobile CIS experience leverages the ease of smartphones and tablets to make CIS tasks convenient for clinicians. Prescribers can check schedules, communicate securely, capture clinical images, dictate notes, enter common orders, manage patient lists and review test results. Indeed, many physicians will spend most of their CIS time on mobile devices.

Epic’s mobile applications for Apple devices include “Haiku” for iPhones, “Canto” for iPads and “Limerick” for Apple Watches. Epic also provides Haiku for compatible smartphones running the Android operating system. All are enabled with the Connect Care CIS. “Connect Care Mobility” refers to these mobile applications ("apps"), plus any other apps that relate to the CIS (e.g. PowerMic Mobile for dictation).

Alberta Health Services (AHS) facilitates use of clinical mobile apps by provisioning and protecting. This is done through a process called mobility management. All clinical apps that are used with Connect Care are installed and configured as part of an integrated process.

Clinicians wishing to take advantage of Connect Care Mobility should review a "Frequently Asked Questions" document which explains what mobility management is and how it is implemented by AHS:

Subsections in this manual deal with a mobility user compact, installation instructions and guides to training and personalization of mobility apps.