Finding Patients

Connect Care provides a variety of tools that can be used to find individual patients. These may differ by clinical context (e.g., Emergency Room [ASAP], Operating Room [OpTime], Inpatient, etc.) and users' roles or permissions.

Patients can be found with:


      • Emergency Bedmaps, Operating Room Rosters, Anesthesia Case list, etc., display and organize groups of patients to facilitate quick visual lookup and status checks.


      • A general "Patient Lookup" tool allows any patient chart to be sought from any context.


      • A "Patient Lists" activity (main tab in Hyperspace) allows browsing of system (e.g., all patients on a particular hospital ward or service), team (i.e., all patients on a particular patient care team), shared (custom lists created by colleagues, or personal (one or more customized lists with patients explicitly added or removed) lists.


      • A "Schedule" activity (main tab in Hyperspace) allows finding patients by appointment dates, rosters and clinics.


      • A number of Reporting Workbench ("My Reports") can be personalized and saved to generate lists of, for example, all inpatients cared for by one or more attending providers, or all outpatients visiting a provider during a specified time period.

More Information

Subsections provide more information about finding patients by these means. Whatever the method of finding and selecting a patient, it is important to open the patient's chart in the intended care context (e.g., inpatient admission, outpatient encounter, etc.).