COVID-19 Med Admin

Standardized text blocks (accessible using SmartText and SmartPhrases) help simplify and standardize documentation tasks for persons with COVID-19 illness. The blocks are incorporated into templates for COVID-19 Progress notes, as well as Summary notes (admit, intake, discharge, handover, transfer). They can also be inserted into personalized SmartPhrases.

Most COVID-19 text blocks are "interactive". Although formatted in prose to make them easier to read, any text appearing in a dark blue font can be selected to activate popup data-entry tools for entering or editing structured data behind the prose.

COVID-19 Medication Administrations

Lists all medications received during the current encounter that relate to COVID-19 care. Click on the text block title to open a popup display of the same information (useful when many meds have been given over a prolonged time).

  • SmartPhrase: ".COVIDMEDADMIN"