Learning how to use Connect Care Mobile Apps

Connect Care supports clinician use of mobile applications ("apps") for smartphones (“Haiku”), iPads (“Canto”) and Apple Watches (“Limerick”). These use familiar norms for interacting with content. The apps are "guessable" and can be learner through exploration. Nonetheless, a little orientation can improve use of time-saving functions, such as remote order-entry and professional billing. Secure access ("RSA Token") and dictation ("PowerMic Mobile") apps are discussed separately.

eLearning Modules

A number of short eLearning modules are available through MyLearningLink. These cover how to review patient lists and schedules, skim charts, review results, set up progress notes and use secure messaging. Open and log on to MyLearningLink, then search for courses that start with "Epic - HKU". There are about 10 short self-directed modules... all worth the time.

Quick Start Tips

There are significant differences in the function of Haiku in an Android and an iOS environment. Please see the quickstart guides for Haiku and Canto to help you understand what you can do and how to do it.


Detailed documentation is available in "Haiku for iOS" , "Haiku for Android" and "Canto" manuals. Open the Connect Care CIS, then "My Dashboards", then search for a "Learning Home" dashboard that fits your clinical area. Open the dashboard and look for links to the mobility manuals. These can be opened and reviewed while Connect Care is open.

Other Resources

Epic's UserWeb is a source for detailed information about current and planned mobile functions. The "WeLearning" section has some excellent "It's Possible" (short) videos about clinical uses of mobile apps (you can search for the course code shown in brackets):

Other courses, manuals and demos can be found via the UserWeb.