Emergency Department (ED) to ED Transfers

Transferring patients between emergency departments (EDs) is a common workflow, facilitated through the AHS "Referral, Access, Advice, Placement, Information & Destination" (RAAPID) service. Typical reasons include a need for more specialized services or higher levels of care. Workflows are similar whether or not sending and/or receiving sites use Connect Care as the record of care.

Sending Prescriber

All inter-facility transfers for ED patients must go through RAAPID. Accordingly, an ED to ED transfer starts with a call to the RAAPID service, which facilitates identification of a suitable receiving site and consultation with an appropriate receiving prescriber. 

Once an accepting site and prescriber is identified, transportation arrangements are made, the patient is discharged from the sending ED and the receiving site will await and manage arrival. The receiving site cannot activate its Connect Care workflows until the sending Connect Care site has discharged the patient.

Receiving Prescriber

RAAPID uses Connect Care to set up any agreed patient movement requirements. This information is available through Connect Care to both the sending and receiving ED prescriber. The receiving prescriber is alerted when the patient is roomed and proceeds with assessments and consultation in the usual fashion.

Intake Encounters

When a service request event is initiated, RAAPID creates a single Connect Care “Intake Encounter”, available to participating consultant(s) to facilitate documentation and communication. This spares each consultant from having to create and manage separate “Phone Call” encounters.