MyLearningLink (MLL) is Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) online learning management system. It facilitates the registration, scheduling, delivery, completion tracking and assessments (End User Proficiency Assessments, or EUPAs) for Connect Care training. 

Resources cover key tips for prescribers (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, clinical associates, etc.):

Accessing MLL

A valid AHS username and password is needed ("Healthy" network credentials, same as those used for AHS email; see Access for more information). If connecting to MLL from outside an AHS network, there may be two login steps, one to get into the AHS network and a second (with the same credentials) to log in to MLL.

Prescribers anticipating Connect Care should have MLL accounts automatically assigned. If the MLL screen does not accept a prescriber's AHS username and password, please contact to request account activation.

Devices and Browsers

MLL is optimized for Windows computers on AHS networks. Although MLL will load on all popular browsers and operating systems, prescribers using personal desktop or laptop devices should use Microsoft Edge browser on Windows computers and the Google Chrome browser on Apple computers. 

MLL will open on mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets), allowing such actions as registering for or withdrawing from a course. Some eLearning courses will load but only if explicitly marked as mobile-ready. Most Connect Care courses are not designed for, or compatible with, mobile devices.

Finding and Registering for Required Courses 

Required Connect Care courses are normally part of prescriber basic training and are delivered through in-person or virtual laboratory-based sessions. Increasingly, select courses are made available for self-directed online completion. 

Courses are pre-assigned to prescribers based upon anticipated role(s) and needed clinical information system functions. Prescribers can find their assigned courses by clicking the "Required Courses" tab within the "Learning Home" section on MLL. Find supplemental eLearnings by searching in the "Courses & Registration" section of MLL for course titles containing the keyword "CMIO".

Please note that the MLL support team is unable to make changes to Connect Care prescriber roles. If prescribers find their assigned role(s) inappropriate, contact the relevant Zone local Medical Affairs office.

For more instructions about how to register for and complete required training:

Completing eLearning Courses

MLL is used to access Connect Care eLearning courses and demonstration videos. Each eLearning is available in MLL as a unique course.

As eLearning courses are completed, one's learner record should automatically update to indicate a "pass". Check this via the "Completed" tab within the "Learning Home" section on MLL. If an expected pass does not happen:

Completing End User Proficiency Assessments (EUPAs)

Some courses prepare you to take an "End User Proficiency Assessment" (EUPA). These are found just like other courses in MLL (e.g., in "Required Courses", search for "Epic - " courses and register for the desired EUPA). 

Follow the provided instructions carefully, including how to have both the EUPA and a Connect Care environment open at the same time. It is important to work through EUPA questions all the way to the end, note whether a pass score is attained or not, and close the EUPA as instructed.

Unsuccessful EUPAs

The EUPA must be completed with a minimum score of 80% before participants can proceed in training through personalization to optimization. A EUPA pass is also required to gain access to the production Connect Care environment.

While progressing through the EUPA, participants are advised if a response is correct or incorrect. References to learning materials make it easy to review a missed concept or skill. If unsuccessful at the end of the EUPA, it is possible to re-take as soon as one is ready to try again. If struggling, please contact to arrange extra help.

Unrecorded EUPAs

Difficulties have been reported when prescribers working remotely complete and pass a EUPA, but MLL fails to record this automatically. There may be problems at the level of the network, computer or browser. 

To check whether a EUPA moved to "Pass", log out of MLL, refresh the browser and log back in. Click on the "Completed" tab under "Learning Home"; the completion date will display beside the course name. 

If, despite following the personal device configuration tip, a Pass assessment does not get credited, prescribers should complete an “attestation” process to document EUPA completion and grade assignment. This will allow progression to Connect Care access and the next stage of training:

If EUPA difficulties persist, contact the MLL Support Centre ( with the subject line “EUPA Move to Pass”. In the body of the message, provide your name, email address, course name (EUPA), session number and final grade.  

Supplemental eLearnings

Basic, personalization and optimization training courses are supplemented with eLearning videos. These are short illustrations of workflows or features, usually sensitive to a particular specialty. 


Prescribers requiring additional training support while using personal devices can contact