Referral Norms

Bottom Line

  • Prescribers, clinicians and staff who provide services in Alberta Health Services (AHS) departments where Connect Care is the record of care must order, triage and schedule any referrals to or from that department within Connect Care.

  • Any referral using Connect Care must be processed using the Closed Loop Referral Management tools provided within the Connect Care clinical information system.

  • Requests for exceptions to Connect Care referral norms will require review and approval by the Connect Care Executive Committee.


Referral Orders

  • All referrals originating in Connect Care must be placed as a referral order, regardless of whether the service provider or program is internal or external to Connect Care. This ensures that a record of the referral exists in the legal record of care.

Referral Intake

  • Connect Care referral workflows will continue to accommodate current intake processes from prescribers not using Connect Care as the record of care.

Referral Management

  • All received referrals, whether from sources internal or external to Connect Care, must be managed using triage, scheduling, communication and other referral tools provided by Connect Care.

Referral Competence

  • Prescribers and staff (including non-AHS Medical Office Assistants) are required to complete appropriate training to gain access to referral management tools.

More Information


The following resources are intended to guide referral workflows in Connect Care: