Finding Knowledge

Connect Care integrates clinical information, making it easier to understand our patients' experience with health problems. It also eases access to information about how to manage health problems. There are a variety of ways to work with clinical references, guidelines, websites and tools embedded within Connect Care.

Resource Links

A top toolbar button called "Resource Links" (look at the top header/menu bar of Connect Care) opens a drop-down menu with links to a number of immediately useful clinical resources. These include:

Most of the individual knowledge resources can also be launched from global search from within Connect Care. For example, entering "Dynamed" or "Micromedex" as a search term will bring up a link to access the resource.

Embedded Links

Some point-of-care resources are additionally "deep-linked" within ordering and documentation workflows, facilitating just-in-time access to relevant drug information, clinical guidance or patient handouts.

Drug Information

Health Problem Information


Accessed via the "Dashboards" activity (tab) in Hyperspace, (Radar) Dashboards include system-wide, specialty-specific and personalized collections of information and analytics resources. Dashboards with knowledge links appear in three categories:

More Information