COVID-19 Connect Care Decision Supports

Clinical Decision Supports (CDS) link health observations with health knowledge to influenced health choices by clinicians for improved health care. There are five categories of CDS:

  • References summarize evidence that can help the decision-maker understand choices and consequences;

  • Alerts review health events to identify acceptable data and or meaningful associations between data;

  • Reminders anticipate health events, usually prompting for data or actions required to detect or avoid specific health events;

  • Assists facilitate application of knowledge to specific patient circumstances for diagnosis, therapy or prediction; and

  • Guides help organize decisions across time, space and person.

The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) provides supports in all 5 categories, with Alerts (e.g., screening prompts, patient COVID-19 infection control and isolation StoryBoard status) and Assists (e.g., disease severity scores, order panels, order sets) already commonly encountered by users.

This section and its subsections organize supporting evidence (i.e., CDS References) for emerging COVID-19 decision supports in Connect Care.

Please see the COVID-19 Content page for general information about COVID-responsive clinical system design, the COVID-19 Workflows page for ideas about how to integrate content into workflows, and the COVID-19 Resources page for links to general COVID-19 guidance and protocols.

Order Sets

COVID-19 order sets help organize clinical decisions at key transitions of care. These are frequently updated as the COVID-19 knowledge base improves.


Critical Care

Urgent Care

ED-UCC Long Term Care