COVID-19 Connect Care Decision Supports

Clinical Decision Supports (CDS) link health observations with health knowledge to influenced health choices by clinicians for improved health care. There are five categories of CDS:

  • References summarize evidence that can help the decision-maker understand choices and consequences;

  • Alerts review health events to identify acceptable data and or meaningful associations between data;

  • Reminders anticipate health events, usually prompting for data or actions required to detect or avoid specific health events;

  • Assists facilitate application of knowledge to specific patient circumstances for diagnosis, therapy or prediction; and

  • Guides help organize decisions across time, space and person.

The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) provides supports in all 5 categories, with Alerts (e.g., screening prompts, patient COVID-19 infection control and isolation StoryBoard status) and Assists (e.g., disease severity scores, order panels, order sets) already commonly encountered by users.

This section and its subsections cover emerging COVID-19 decision supports in Connect Care.

Please see the COVID-19 Content page for general information about Connect Care COVID-19 tools, the COVID-19 Documentation Tools page for information about notes and summaries, the COVID-19 Workflows page for ideas about how to integrate content into workflows, and the COVID-19 Resources page for COVID-19 guidance and protocols.

Order Sets

COVID-19 order sets help organize clinical decisions at key transitions of care. These are frequently updated as the COVID-19 knowledge base improves.


Critical Care

Urgent Care

ED-UCC Long Term Care


Individual or grouped (panels) orders can be placed for specific therapeutic interventions related to the care of patients with COVID-19 illness. Most appear in the above order sets as well.